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Secure private keys using Argon2

You can encrypt private keys with a password during key generation.

After generating password-protected keys, you must add the password must to the configuration file to ensure it can be decrypted.

You can add passwords inline using "passwords":[], or store them in an external file referenced by "passwordFile": "Path".


The number of arguments/file lines provided must equal the total number of private keys. For example, if there are three total keys and the second is not password secured, the second argument/line must be blank or contain placeholder data.

Tessera uses Argon2 to encrypt private keys. By default, Argon2 is configured as follows:

"variant": "id",
"memory": 1048576,
"iterations": 10,
"parallelism": 4

You can change the Argon2 configuration by using the -keygenconfig option. Any override file must have the same format as the default configuration, and all options must be provided.

tessera -keygen -filename /path/to/key1 -keygenconfig /path/to/argonoptions.json