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Store keys in Azure Key Vault

You can use Tessera to generate a private and public key pair in Azure Key Vault. You must have Azure Key Vault configured and running.

The following example generates a key pair as secrets with IDs Pub and Key, and saves them Azure Key Vault with the DNS name <url>:

tessera -keygen -keygenvaulttype AZURE -keygenvaulturl <url>

The -filename option can be used to specify alternate IDs. Multiple key pairs can be generated at the same time by providing a comma-separated list of values:

tessera -keygen -keygenvaulttype AZURE -keygenvaulturl <url> -filename id1,id2

You can configure Tessera to use Azure Key Vault keys.


If saving new keys with the same ID as keys that already exist in the vault, then existing keys are replaced by the newer version. Ensure you specify the correct secret version in your Tessera configuration.