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Install binary distribution


Install binaries

Download and unpack the latest tessera-dist-<VERSION>.zip|tar distribution from the ConsenSys/tessera repository:

$ tar xvf tessera-[version].tar
$ tree tessera-[version]
├── bin
│ ├── tessera
│ └── tessera.bat
└── lib
├── HikariCP-3.2.0.jar

Verify the installation with the help command:

./tessera-<version>/bin/tessera help

You can optionally add the tessera script to path:

export PATH=$PATH:tessera-[version]/bin
tessera help

Supplement the distribution

You can add functionality to a distribution by adding .jar files to the /lib directory.

Add Tessera artifacts

Download and unpack the artifact:

$ tar xvf aws-key-vault-[version].tar
$ tree aws-key-vault-[version]
└── lib
├── annotations-2.10.25.jar

Copy the contents of the artifact's /lib into the distribution /lib (resolve any version conflicts or duplicated .jar files introduced during the copy):

 cp -a aws-key-vault-[version]/lib/. tessera-[version]/lib/