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Tessera API

The Tessera API consists of the following parts:

  • quorum-to-tessera - The privacy-enabled Ethereum client uses the quorum-to-tessera API to check if the associated Tessera node is running, and to send and receive private transactions.
  • peer-to-peer - Tessera uses the peer-to-peer API to perform discovery, and to send and receive encrypted payloads.
  • third-party - Tessera uses the third-party API to store encrypted payloads for external applications, for example, web3js-quorum.js.

Configure the API servers in the Tessera configuration file.

Define API versions

Every client side request (such as /push and /partyinfo) includes a header parameter called tesseraSupportedApiVersions that lists the supported API versions.

Exchanging and storing the supported API versions enables Tessera nodes to know which API versions are supported by peers.